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Public Classes are open again.  Class size will be limited to 10 students, therefore, reserve your spot by signing up through MindBody above or contact Sharon directly.  Since class size is limited, a 24-hour cancellation is required to not be charged for the class once signed up. If you have your own yoga mat, please bring it with you.  New pricing below.

No worries, if you don’t have your own yoga mat.  Ours are cleaned after each use.

Air purifier in studio.  Hand Sanitizer available.  Look forward to having you in class.  Namasté.


A sincere thank you to Patrick & Dawn, Owners of Whistle Stop Grill for sponsoring Blue Lotus with Hand Sanitizer.  We are so grateful for your generosity.


Hatha Vinyasa:

This 60 minute class designed to safely open the body and intelligently sequenced for specific energetic effects and health benefits. We will explore the principles of alignment in the postures, realizing the essential link between breath and movement thus experiencing the effect this has on the mind and the body. This class will include sun salutations, forward folds, twisting, back-bending, and inversions meeting the needs of the day, emphasizing the health benefits of practice, mindfulness, and self-care.  All levels welcome.  Props available and suggested.  Modifications always provided.  This class is held Wednesdays at 10am.  For more information, go to

Functional BODY Table Stretch:

Each session is customized to your specific needs, addressing your whole body, including a combination of table stretches, PNF techniques and other modalities to safely and mindfully open, lengthen and balance your body.

You will leave each session feeling enhanced Range of Motion (ROM), increased flexibility, relaxed with a sense of physical and mental ease and enhanced posture.

Now is the time to gracefully age, reversing the repetitive patterns of movement or lack of movement that has caused tightness, imbalance and pain in your body.

Sharon has blended her 30-plus year experience in Personal Training and Yoga to create a program that’s having profound impact in her clients lives.  If you are intimidated by yoga, this is for you!  If you are feeling old, achy and stressed, this is for you!  From athlete to senior, Sharon will teach you how to gracefully age allowing for vibrant living.  For more info, go to

One on One Fitness – Empowering individuals through a balanced approach with one-on-one Fitness Training

Personal fitness training isn’t just for athletes preparing for their next competition: shaving time off the clock as a marathon runner, lifting more weight as a powerlifter, defining muscle as a bodybuilder.

It’s just as important — and actually more important — for the races we run in everyday life. Carrying the groceries up two flights of stairs. Keeping up with young children. Booking a vacation, confident you’ll be able to walk miles with ease as you go sightseeing.

No matter your personal goals, our private training sessions will help you achieve what’s important to you in life.

Real-life fitness improvements happen quite quickly, and you’ll see tangible increases in your strength, fitness, balance, flexibility and agility through a balanced exercise routine designed just for you.

Drawing from my personal dedication to whole-body fitness for more than 30 years, we’ll create your tailored routine that gives you a fresh approach to exercise. Proper form and safety are paramount, as we work on the correct exercises for your body while working with any chronic or existing conditions or injuries.Taking time for your fitness, health, and wellness creates a healthy mind and body. These benefit you and those you care about. Life is a journey, and through a conscious approach to exercise, you can experience the positive changes in your life that you’ve always wanted.  For more info, go to

About Sharon Denton


Sharon Denton, E-RYT500, Kinesiology degree from the University of N. Colorado and certifications in personal training (AFAA), Freestyle Women’s Training, TRX and group fitness (ACE), Behavior Change Specialist (BCS) and Stretch & Flexibility Coach (SFC) with NASM and is Level 2 authorized Detoxification Specialist/Clinical Iridology under Dr. Robert Morse. Sharon has completed certified courses in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras (Yog Darshan) and in Transformation Meditation. She has practiced and taught many styles of yoga and studied from many yoga masters from around the world.  Sharon has been working with clients since 1989 and with over 30 years of experience, you will learn what you need to achieve your goals. Sharon remains a student, continuing education and new certifications to continue to grow herself and constantly enhance her clients lives as well.

When teaching her yoga classes, Sharon draws from the Ashtanga method of vinyasa and the alignment and instruction of the Iyengar Method. Sharon looks at the practice in a holistic way, breaking down and deconstructing the postures to provide wisdom in alignment and creating space not only in the body, but, also the mind. Her classes are introspective, focused and quiet. Sharon was the Founder and Director of White Orchid’s 500-hr Teacher Training Program. Sharon teaches traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga.

Sharon’s discipline to her daily practice/training and to her teaching is evident in the way she lives her life. She is dedicated to studying this ancient tradition so that she can better serve her students and as well as to continue to grow as a student herself. Sharon began teaching yoga classes in 1989 in Colorado and continued in Chicago-land area and now in the Tampa Bay area. Sharon’s teachings are born from her own discipline and dedicated practice, which through time, has developed skillfully in a way that guides in each student’s yoga journey.

With over 30 years of teaching experience and a strong spiritual foundation, Sharon’s yoga classes integrates realized wisdom, transmitted through verbal alignment guidance and feedback with intuitive physical adjustments to allow each practitioner to deepen their practice. Her intuitive ability to design a class that meets the needs of different levels, so that each individual feels steadiness, comfort, and joy leaving the studio/classroom with a sense of balance and awareness of their connection to their inner nature, the Source. Sharon uses props as needed to facilitate opening and is skilled in working with injuries and limitations. Sharon’s energizing drive fosters her natural, innate ability to bring out the individuality that lies within us all. Her sincere appreciation of yoga is apparent in the lifestyle she lives.

Introduced to Herbology in 1995 with Williams Herbal out of Arvada, Colorado, Sharon worked closely with the owner and assistant in helping her own clients gain true health. When Sharon moved to Chicago-land area in 2001, she discovered Natures Sunshine and has been blessed with having a wonderful Master Herbalist to work under ever since. In January 2018, Sharon earned her Level 1- Detoxification Specialist Certification under Dr. Robert Morse and in October 2018 Sharon completed her level 2 Certification. With this training, Sharon is more equipped than ever before to guide and show the way to total health and creating ongoing balance in the body, mind and spirit.

Sharon’s Mission is to initiate the process of change and ensure that her clients take the actions necessary to accomplish their goals. She is dedicated to facilitating ongoing support, consulting and coaching to sustain the changes made by the client. Working with clients and students since 1989, Sharon’s vast knowledge of how the body and mind works and how to optimize health and vitality is evident in her balanced approach to life. You will come away feeling deeply relaxed, rejuvenated, empowered and creatively inspired. All levels welcome. Sharon acknowledges 
and embraces how fortunate and blessed she is to have the opportunity to teach yoga and she is grateful for 
all the teachers that have come into her life, including, her husband, daughter, family, friends, and students. Sharon sells Natures Sunshine products and is Alumni Ambassadors for lululemon Alumni and Clever Training. See for more information.


Group Classes
5 Class Pass:  $100

Drop-in:  $21


Private Small Group with Sharon
$125 per Session

Prepaid 5 Sessions: $575 ($115 per Session)

Prepaid 10 Sessions: $1,050 ($105 per Session)


Private Corporate Yoga with Sharon


Private Yoga and Functional Body Table Stretch with Sharon
1 Hour Session: $125
5 private sessions: $600 ($120 per Session)
10 private sessions: $1000 ($100 per Session)


1 30-minute session:  $75
5 Private 30 minute sessions: $350 ($70 per session)
10 Private 60 minute sessions: $650 ($65 per session)


Private Fitness Training with Sharon
1 Hour Session: $100
12 prepaid 60 minute sessions: $1080 ($90 per session)
30-minute Session: $55
12 prepaid 30 minute sessions: $660 ($55 per session)


Cancellation Policy: Please provide 24-hour notice if you will need to cancel or reschedule an appointment to avoid full payment for the session.
Packages: To be paid up front, with a 24-hour cancellation/reschedule notice. One year expiration.

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